Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Tinseltown Meltdown'

It can be safely said that last night's Actiontrack Showbuild performance from Transition Year ended in the most spectacular way imaginable - with the large curtains over the Deerpark end window parting to reveal a blazing 'volcano', and the audience following the cast out of the BSR in the semi-dark to stand around a bonfire accompanied by two 'fire-breathers' and a Japanese drum unit. Whereupon a large tractor hoved into view, in its uploader an enormous icecream, which was then tipped into the flames, 'quenching' the volcano.

What had taken place in the preceding 80 minutes was a drama called Tinseltown Meltdown, the story of the innate shallowness of the world of celebrity, and the innate decency of icecream. Over the next couple of days we'll have lots of photos, a video, and a pupil's review.

Click here for the programme.

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