Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'Tinseltown Meltdown': the inside view

Miriam Poulton was one of the Transition Year participants in the Actiontrack Show on Saturday (see yesterday's posts for a photo album and an Animoto video). She writes:-

Thursday morning the scripts were given to us. From past plays we had known that Actiontrack performances generally didn’t make much sense, but this… Tinseltown, plastic celebrities, singing hippos, icecream mines… could it get much stranger? The team kindly asked us what parts we would prefer, though only some got their preference. For instance, I had asked to be one of the ice-cream people, but after break when the team told us the parts I found I was to be Tara Cards, the prophesying and crazy old lady with a talking garden. Just what I always wanted to pretend to be on stage...

Read the rest of Miriam's excellent description of the five days here.

(Pictured, Michael McBurney breathes fire at the climax of the evening).

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