Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tenderfoot report

Recently the Transition Year Tenderfoot project was completed. Sophie Millar, who wrote about the experience previously, now looks back:-

The build-up was here and at last all our practising was to be put on stage in front of an audience! Being behind the scenes in the wings was the most fun, but what struck me most about the public performances was that it was all left down to us, the students (although we were almost too busy to notice).

In the end, after all the preparation and rehearsals it was just us alone working the show. Whether we were acting or off-stage, we had the responsibility fully on ourselves to make it all happen, trying to put people in costumes in the dark while not bursting into laughter, or doing the acting itself. It was great, and the shows went brilliantly. After the last performance finished I think we all felt we had really achieved something. It was sad for it to end but most of us have stayed in touch and have been into town together or back to the theatre itself to see other shows. I appreciated every day and we are all so grateful to the directors and everyone who helped us there and taught us so much.

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