Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Elegy for a Dead Animal

The third in the series of poems by TY pupils, prompted by paintings from the Images in Poetry module, is by Susannah Cooke, and is a response to 'Elegy for a Dead Animal' by the contemporary Scottish painter Jack Vettriano :

'Elegy for a Dead Animal', by Susannah Cooke

I’m sitting on this beach
Thinking of the memories we made here.
I probably look rather stupid,
Sitting on this chair in formal attire,
With violinists and a linen table cloth.
I’ve got sand in my shoes and
My dress has got wet.
I am almost catching

My death with the chill.

It’s not long before the tide has turned.

Though I’m surrounded by people,
I’m lost without you.
I’ve been looking for you where I last saw you,
But you aren’t here anymore.

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