Friday, April 18, 2008

Summer in the Countryside

In his Mock exam at the end of last term, Junior Cert pupil Steffan Davies wrote an evocative prose composition, 'Summer in the Countryside', which starts :

Take a large white canvas. Paint a great blue sea, and dot the waves with white beads. With a flowing motion paint the ripples in the harbour as they lap against the hard grey pier. Scribble in a lighthouse at the end of the quay and children playing around it. Fill the air with the sound of happy voices and the smell of dead fish. Draw the squiggly coastline, snaking its way up north. Dot yellow on the serpent's back, to make the rape seed crops sitting on the side of the hills. Let the smell of freshly cut grass float away on a breeze.

Here is Steffan's full piece.

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