Tuesday, January 08, 2008

TY Work Portfolio 2008

Classes start today, and our Transition Year pupils set off on the next stage of their course. We will be studying Othello in class this term, and the other main task for them is to get going on their Work Portfolios. The sheet of possible titles is here (they can also submit other work, such as reviews of House Speeches), and the final ten pieces, revised and improved, are submitted by the end of their course in May.

This year we hope some pupils will also take on as part of their portfolios the Transition Year project proposed by Friends of the Elderly. This involves interviewing an elderly person (such as a neighbour or a grandparent) and then writing up his or her biography. We often get particularly interesting and moving essays for the Portfolio under the title 'The Oldest Person I Know', and this project will allow pupils to expand on this idea if they wish.

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