Wednesday, October 10, 2007

McCarthy, Magorian, Johnston

More TY Extended Essay reading and recommendations :-

Josh Buckingham has read Cormac McCarthy's most recent novel, The Road, and says:-
'This book is about a man and his son walking towards the sea in a post-apocalyptic world. It shows their determination to survive and how they go about surviving. It is a very enthralling yarn and I would really recommend giving it a try.'

And Joanna Coldrick writes about Back Home, by Michelle Magorian:-
'This is about a teenage girl who is sent back to her parents from America after the Second World War. She is sent back to England but she realises that she misses everything in America. She feels like a stranger in her own home, after being gone for five years. Also, it makes you think that you can have as many families as you can imagine. I have also read Magorian's Goodnight, Mister Tom, and Elizabeth Laird's Red Sky in the Morning.'

Charlotte Farrell recommends Shadows on our Skin by Jennifer Johnston (who was interviewed here by Sophie Haslett last term):-
'It is about the Troubles in Ulster. I love the character Joe because he is funny, and the setting because I live there myself. It's mainly about what happened during the Troubles, and how the people were treated, and gives you a fair idea of the violence in Northern Ireland during that time.'

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