Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bullying Awareness

Today is Bullying Awareness Day at the College, when the whole school pays attention to this important issue in general discussions. Some of these are being prompted by Andrew Motion's poem 'The Game', which was specially written for Childline in 2000 by the British Poet Laureate.

It starts :-
I must tell you this:
there was a boy - Tommy Prentice.
The afternoon I'm thinking about
he stopped me with his shout
of just my first name,
all friendly-like - no blame,
jealousy, resentment or distrust -
telling me I must
come out with him now
and play - he had friends waiting, although
it was me that they wanted: without me
the game was no good. OK?
Of course OK. Tommy Prentice
was tall, handsome, cool, useful at fly-half,
with slick, black hair fringeing his level stare.
And he wanted me? Like I say,
of course it was OK.

Continued ...

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