Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Millar Report 3

Tonight is the Actiontrack Showbuild performance in the BSR. 21 Transition Year pupils have been working non-stop day and evening preparing their show. Joey Millar reports on yesterday's work:

With just one day to go before the actual play, the BSR was a beehive of activity today. People were hurriedly learning their lines, putting the finishing touches to the series of props, or helping with the staging. The evening featured the first public performances of many of the singers, and was a nervy time for all. Despite the nerves, each singer lived up to his or her expectations. As we went through our old dances, and began our new ones, it became clear that this would not be just a play, but also a showpiece of song and dance. While the nerves are building, so is our anticipation. See you tomorrow.

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