Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Junior Poetry

Since there was so much impressive poetry entered for the Junior Prize some weeks ago, we will be posting more here over the next few days. Here are 'Ballyconneely' and 'If I Knew Anything' by Fiona Boyd, winner of the prize.

'Ballyconeely' by Fiona Boyd

The harbour and pier no bigger than half a hockey pitch,
Where we wallowed many a day,
Where I tried to learn how to fish,
Where I learned to dive from a professional beginner.

And we would pass it on our evening walks
And the orange sky would light up the boats and send sparks along the water
As the burnt crimson sang lullabies to the sleepy harbour.
The seagulls would gather for a gossip
And the headless fish would wave goodbye to their sinking heads
As the five fishermen who actually worked there would load them up
Nodding to you
But not know you at all.

I have never known a place of such beauty with such a vulgar smell,
That is a holiday memory.
Smell, sounds and sight encased in those pure moments
That was my summer.
All in those moments.

'If I Knew Anything' by Fiona Boyd

I’d swim these icy waves,
My heart shivering with every stroke,
If I knew I would reach you.

I’d walk through this searing desert,
The heat a heavy weight I’m carrying,
If I knew you’d be on the other side.

I’d run the length of this rushing river,
The end never once in my sight,
If I knew that’d you’d be sailing along beside me.

I’d climb this daunting mountain,
Dragging my heels, my body my burden,
If I knew you’d be waiting for me at the summit.

But I am still,
No longer do I run or climb or walk or swim,
I don’t know anything anymore,
Your footsteps echo in my head
The sound of you leaving
The sound of the end.

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