Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Ides of March

Today being the Ides of March, we post here a review by Lewis Mathews (V form) of the current Abbey Theatre production of Julius Caesar, which he saw on a Shakespeare Society outing on Monday night. He wasn't greatly impressed :

"I had mixed emotions about the production. I particularly enjoyed the play having studied it and, I must say, I found it particularly boring as an eleven year old. Unfortunately I felt that the standard of acting at the Abbey wasn’t particularly great ...

Although I enjoyed both sets a great deal, the rather abstract Roman forum before the interval and the elaborate battlefield after, I felt that they didn’t quite complement each other. This odd mixture seems to sum up the production for me because I also found it slightly odd that they couldn’t quite decide what era they were setting the play in."

Read the rest of Lewis's review here.

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