Thursday, February 08, 2007

Le Malade Imaginaire

The Junior Play, Molière's The Hypochondriac (Le Malade Imaginaire) is performed on Friday and Saturday nights in the BSR at 7pm. It tells the story of Argan (played by Sebastian Stephenson), an inveterate hypochondriac. The author himself played this part in 1673 during its fourth performance, collapsed on stage and died some hours later - rather obviously genuinely ill and not feigning. For a summary of the plot, click here.

Pictured earlier tonight at the dress rehearsal, Cléante (Fred Mann) and Argan's daughter Angélique (Celeste Guinness) sing their love to each other as Argan, his maidservant Toinette (Sarah O'Mahony), Diaforious Senior (Robin Fitzpatrick) and Thomas Diaforious (Lorcan Maule) listen.

For the cast-list, click here.

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