Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Hypochondriac

More on the Junior Play. Sandrine Pac, in overall charge, writes :

"The Hypochondriac is on his way!

We are counting down to the big night. As we are getting closer, the rehearsals are getting more numerous and the actors are very busy juggling lines to learn, songs, preps and games. We even had a broken leg in the middle of it, but after all the play is about getting better, so you'll see if it has been fixed on the night! One thing is sure, the actors and Dr Stone (the Director) are giving it everything.

Meanwhile, Mr McCarthy has been busy writing the music and is now taking care of the music rehearsals with the different actors. We are very thankful to him for his time and expertise. Mr Girdham has also been helping with some scenes so that it will be perfect on the night. This week, there will be a full rehearsal on Monday evening and a costume-check. Then, we will be looking at the play in detail so that Tuesday and Wednesday are spent getting it perfect. Thursday will be the dress rehearsal and then Friday and Saturday the two big shows. "

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