Thursday, October 11, 2018

Macbeth quotations, Act 1 Quizlet

The first of five sets of Quizlet flashcards on Macbeth to embed knowledge of quotations. College pupils can also see these on Firefly.

Some basic principles of quotations -
  • Quotations are the knowledge-base and evidence-base for all answering.
  • Quotations are used to back up a point.
  • Options: organise by scene / character / theme. Many quotations will have multiple uses.
  • ‘Tag’ quotations with a system. Make connections.
  • Re-reading quotations (and notes) is a bad learning strategy.
  • Use flashcards / Quizlet / a questioning partner.
  • Write down what you know. What gaps?
  • Go back again and again over spaced time: embed them so you can retrieve automatically.
  • Little and often. Keep going, especially while you’ve finished the play.

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