Wednesday, November 16, 2016

TY recommendation: Blackman and

Two more recommendations from reading for the TY Extended Essay:

Harry Oke-Osanyintolu recommends Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses:

"This is a great book that changes our rigid thoughts of race discrimination and prejudice, showing that we have lost focus and not identified it as the big problem it is.  It flips our world upside down and transports you to a place you choose not to leave. You watch and view the years go by from the perspective of Callum McGregor and Persephone Hadley. We watch how they struggle to be together even though Callum is a nought and Sephy a cross. They fight an entity that they can't see but is controlling them like puppets, and which tries to tear their lives apart.

We witness how perception gradually becomes belief, and we watch how they struggle to change this. But of course there are costs to be paid. This book pays close attention to detail, how one conversation in the opening chapters becomes the story years later. It gives you a different perspective."

Sophia v Wedel recommends John Green's The Fault in our Stars:

"I would recommend this book because it really touched me. It brought the theme and the characters close to me so I followed them nearby. All the thoughts, feelings and actions of the main characters were natural and authentic to me although I don't know how I would react if I had cancer. What I personally liked the best were the quotes and the poetic phrases in the whole book. They made it perfect and Hazel's sarcasm was also always a good factor to ease the plot. Besides that, John Green's writing style is legendary and everyone who liked other books by him should really read this one. I saw the movie before and although I knew what would happen I could focus well on the book and wasn't bored."

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