Saturday, March 29, 2014

Poetry video and audio

Elizabeth Bishop
One of the best ways to revise poetry (and of course to approach it in the first place) is by hearing the poet - or just a good reader - reading it out to you. So here is a list of poems by authors on the Leaving Certificate course for examination in 2014 (we'll add other poets for next year's course) you can listen to and/or watch. If no reader is mentioned, it is the poet him/herself.

Another audio tip:
Use your phone to record your own reading of the poem. No-one likes listening to their own voice, but do, and improve your version; this is a very good way to understand the poem, especially its rhythm and sound patterns, and will also help you learn it off by heart.

This post will be refreshed every now and then with more helpful audio, including material about the poets.

Elizabeth Bishop

Emily Dickinson

Seamus Heaney

Thomas Kinsella

Philip Larkin

Derek Mahon

Sylvia Plath

W.B. Yeats

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