Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Actiontrack Diary 2013: Days One & Two

Ally Boyd Crotty and Sofia McConnell will be reporting each day this week on their experience of the Actiontrack Showbuild in the BSR.

Tuesday 11th June: This was the first day of this year's Transition Year Actiontrack Workshop. We started the day with various warm up games such as zip zap boing, a game we had played before with the Actiontrack crew in second year, as well as various name and shape games. We then put our acting skills to a test and used these shapes to create mini-plays of our own. Later on in the afternoon we began playing word games, which to us seemed pointless, but little did we know they would expand into bigger ideas for the play itself. We had to place these words together to create song titles, and were then given the job of putting lyrics to these titles. Everybody got stuck in and enjoyed themselves.
Wednesday 12th June:  On the second day, after our warm-up games, which were mostly vocal, we all gathered around the piano to sing our newly made song choruses, with the crew playing instruments along to the lyrics they had improved from the day before. Each song was catchy and had a western theme, which we found out would be the basis for our play. We were then given songs and told to put stories to them, and acted out the scenes. Ideas from these were jotted down and could contribute to the final production. Even though it was only a small start, we could see the play beginning to be formed.

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