Monday, February 25, 2013

Extended Essay: Donoghue, Christopher, Frank

In her Transition Year Extended Essay, which last term received one of just four Commendations in the Form, Bethany Shiell wrote about three books in which the central characters are 'confined' in some way. She comments:-
"My first plan was to write this essay on the theme of Racism. So I began reading Anne Frank, but I soon realised that the book didn’t actually have much on that theme, but it did have a lot of insight on being trapped; Anne constantly wrote about her relationships with the people she was stuck with and the troubles she found living in such a small space. This made me change my theme to Confinement, as I found it more interesting.
According to the Collin’s English Dictionary, to Confine is to “keep close or within bounds; limit; restrict. To restrict the free movement of.” This is the case of all the main characters in the
three books I have chosen, which were Room by Emma Donoghue, Stolen by Lucy Christopher and The Diary of Anne Frank." 

Read Bethany's full essay here

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