Wednesday, March 28, 2012

II Form Actiontrack

Last week, II formers took part in the annual Actiontrack drama workshops over three days, with Nick and Molly. Afterwards, they wrote down their reflections on the experience, and here is a selection of comments:-

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Actiontrack: it really helped me think about how to act and how to go about doing the small things in acting which make a huge difference - for instance, the length of stride in your character's walk. 
  • At first I didn't know what to expect, but Molly and Nick were encouraging and enthusiastic. It was extraordinary how unique and personal are our walks are ; they differentiate characters.
  • We followed each others' hands and body parts: it taught you control, especially when you're leading someone.
  • It was a very fun and enjoyable experience and I can't wait to do it again in fourth form.
  • Nick and Molly were the first people I have met that express themselves in such a theatrical way.
  • I have never really enjoyed acting but Actiontrack made it fun. I had never been taken in so much depth into acting and really enjoyed mimicking.
  • I think the coolest part was when we got to add more emotion to characters.
  • I learnt that to create a character and story you only have to do the simplest of things.
  • The first thing we worked on was how to become someone else on the stage. They used a very simple exercise: look at each other's walk and try to do the same. That made me realize how different people are, even in their most common movements.
  • I think it was a big advantage to be a small group: we got personal advice, which was especially beneficial.
  • One of the most important thiings I learnt was when you are told to do something or given a direction, don't look around to see how everyone else takes the order - just go with your instincts and what you think is right. 
  • I think that doing Actiontrack has been the most fun I have had in a long time.
  • It was really interesting, the way we had to notice and be careful with details.
  • Working with spaces: we had to be really careful just opening a door! Indeed, a lot of us used to ring the locker with them having opened it, or simply walked into the wall. We had to imagine everything, which was really tricky. We worked on entering a swimming pool, but most of us couldn't even reach the ticket kiosk without making at least four mistakes!
  • Watching people's walks: this was very funny and interesting. It made me realise  that I lift my shoulders up when I walk. I never knew I did that!
  • I definitely wish we could have something like this once or twice a week. It really gives permission to you to have fun and be free while doing something educational. If this were to happen I think it would be one of the school's greatest ideas yet. Thank you for a wonderful and educational experience.

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