Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Whin Bush Backwards

Our colleague Ronan Swift is launching his second album, A Whin Bush Backwards, on Thursday 26th January at Bewley's (doors open 8.15pm, entry €12 including a copy of the CD - can't say fairer - and all proceeds go to continued relief in Haiti). An interview with Ronan about his first album, Farewell Future Wives, was our first podcast almost three years ago. 

The new collection features a fine set of musicians (also performing at the gig) highlighting Ronan's vocals and guitar, and his trademark excellent lyrics. Let's pick out 'My Bookcase', a journey through the author's reading over many years, including Laurie Lee, Dickens and Primo Levi, about which Ronan talked in Chapel a while ago. And there's lots more to enjoy in a top-class production.

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