Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holiday Tweets

A selection of interesting tweets from the holidays (with a nice tweetless and IT-unplugged week in the middle)-

  1. One in 3 teens send 100-plus texts a day, survey finds (OMG!) http://on.cnn.com/abBcUs
  2. The iPhone app that puts poetry at your fingertips http://bit.ly/ct5IjM.
  3. Carol Ann Duffy reads Silver Lining - a poem on the disruption caused by the volcanic ash cloud http://bit.ly/aydfud.
  4. re Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy - The joy of getting lost in a book http://bit.ly/bMn22p
  5. Handy, and a good self-test... list of phrases coined by, or associated with, Shakespeare: http://bit.ly/bZvC3A.
  6. Highly recommended essay by Diana Athill: 'Why I moved into an old people's home' - moving, graceful, inspiring: http://bit.ly/aDetWA
  7. BBC radio 4 essay on a world without planes: http://bit.ly/b8llDm.
  8. Create any size wall posters from any size images http://www.blockposters.com/
  9. "Massive amounts of cash heading our way from Iceland." eh?
  10. CREEP 5: - from the London 'Independent': singular subject takes singular verb - http://bit.ly/crpPDy.
  11. 11 ideas for learning and teaching in the 1st year English classroom (p29 of 'Teaching English' mag): http://bit.ly/asZC34
  12. 10 film choices for English teachers of 12/13/14 year-olds (p.21 of Teaching English mag): http://bit.ly/asZC34
  13. 8 pages of book recommendations for 12/13/14 year-olds (pp8-13): http://bit.ly/asZC34
  14. Recommended: Helen Dunmore's 'The Malarkey' - http://tinyurl.com/yas5olx
  15. Ryanair's new inspiration: RT @TheOnion: In Focus: American Airlines Now Charging Fees To Non-Passengers http://onion.com/cbnHOX
  16. Portraits of Samuel Beckett in Paris by John Minihan - exhibition starts today (to June 25), Dublin Alliance Francaise: http://bit.ly/bfDYsX
  17. Such Tweet Sorrow - Romeo and Juliet for the 21st Century - has launched today. Visit http://bit.ly/c0LlKn or follow @such_tweet.
  18. Abbey Theatre downloadable Resource Notes on Macbeth: http://bit.ly/963ref.
  19. Profile today in Times of Hans Fallada, author of 'Alone in Berlin' (half way through it): http://bit.ly/b9S5xd
  20. e-Textbooks - the tipping point? http://bit.ly/cNV4yz
  21. Elizabeth Bishop and the New Yorker: letters on 'Crusoe in England': http://bit.ly/c5EXWx.
  22. 17 novels set in boarding schools (update): http://bit.ly/bM06bZ

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