Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Blind Pieces

Here are some more brief exercises following on from yesterday's post, in which I formers describe objects while being blindfolded...

Jessica Scott and Christian Sullivan :
It fees like a marshmallow in the sky. It’s like thick candyfloss at a carnival on a hot summer’s day. It reminds me of when I go to bed and put my head on the pillow and cosy times like lying on a sofa on a cold rainy day. [cotton wool]

Pia Gromotka :
When I pick it up it runs through my fingers like sand. The grains are hard like hailstones falling from the sky. All the grains are the size of ants, so tiny. The grains are smooth, yet when you put your hand into them they feel rough and pointy. [rice]

Michael Dunne :

It is spiky and rough. It has one point like the Spire of Dublin, with a bowl underneath which is sticky so I leave it. It smells like I’m in the tuck shop. It’s got a guitar pick on it. There’s a hole by the pick, round and thick. [crushed can]

Sally Beeby :
It’s as hairy as a monkey and squishy like a peach. It has a prickly root at the bottom of this peculiar object. It is like a heavy tennis ball, or an apple. It is as cold as ice. [kiwi fruit

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