Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Voices of Poetry review

We had another successful Voices of Poetry evening on Sunday in the BSR. This special annual event celebrates poetry in many languages, and includes poetry written by pupils, much of which has featured on this blog in recent months.

Our reviewer, Ciara O'Driscoll from V form writes :

Joint winner of the Senior Poetry Prize, Fiona Boyd, read out her poem entitled 'Time'. She read her poem perfectly, making it extremely sentimental and very moving. Her performance was certainly one of my favourites for the evening, as she depicted through her poetry how time passes and why she writes down and remembers those moments special to her. Hal Downer’s evocative poem 'A Winter’s Night' was read out well by Sandy Cole, as he captures the scene of a silent home on a stormy winter’s night. Sarah Warren also read out a poem for the author Rachel Acton Filion, 'The Path, 5.47pm', the other winner of the Senior Poetry Prize. The poem contained powerful imagery as she exquisitely captures a moment in time.

Voices of Poetry was also an evening which showed the cultural diversity of St. Columba’s. The night featured poems in ten different languages, ranging from our very own Irish, to languages such as Zulu and Korean. All the foreign language poems were spoken with excellent clarity, the speakers using their tone to communicate to the audience the meaning of the poem. Some of my favourite foreign language poems would be 'L’infinito', an Italian poem read by Hanne Grainger, due to the presence she brought to the stage, along with Ben Armstrong’s contribution of a Dutch poem, as he accompanied his performance with an orange tie and miniature clogs.

Read Ciara's full review here.

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