Friday, February 08, 2008


Today we break up for half-term, and so posting will resume on Monday 18th. That's also the day our VI form start their Mock Leaving Cert exams, with English Literature. There's plenty coming up in the short period between then and the end of term.

Greetings to visitors from the CESI conference, taking place this weekend in Coláiste de h-Íde in Tallaght, Dublin. We'll be giving a presentation this afternoon on SCC English. Here is the link for notes on the presentation.


Anonymous said...

Hello to Julian and John.
Thanks for the inspiring talk about your English Blog. Really enjoyed the content of it - it's very rich and varied. Your students are lucky to have an audience as large as the world that you have brought to them and I'm sure their work and yours will inspire others. Right, I'm off now to find your Animoto.
Keep up the good work.

Fred Boss

SCC English Department said...

Many thanks, Fred, for your very kind comments, and thanks very much for coming to our talk.