Tuesday, September 18, 2007

House Speeches 2007

Members of the Transition Year have just started putting together their pieces for this year's House Speech competition on the evening of Sunday 30th September. They speak for up to five minutes on a topic of their choice in front of the school (and judges) in the BSR.

Two members represent each House (as well as a reserve), and this year they are (Glen) Patrick Faulkner and Jasper Mathews, (Gwynn) Alec Cherry and Robin Russell, (Stackallan) Ian Fraser and Luke Pitt Ryan, (Hollypark) Jessica Dean and Sophie Kyd-Rebenburg, (Iona) Lauren Cooke and Molly Sanderson. Josh Buckingham is presenting the evening. All TY members write a review of the process and evening afterwards, and we'll post one here when the time comes.

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